florAnik is part of the bio-intensive floriculture movement.

We plan our cultures with the land and the seasons in mind, promoting conscientious consumption. Adhering to this idea, we offer a floral subscription service, ensuring you a bouquet of fresh, seasonal and locally grown flowers during the chosen period. This subscription is the perfect gift for a loved one or a great opportunity to treat yourself to a recurring treat!

florAnik offers 3 formulas: 4 bouquets, 6 bouquets ou 8 bouquets.

Once the formula is chosen, determine de periods during which you wish to receive the bouquets;

Early (May/June), Summer (July/August), Late (August/September).

Step 1 - Fill out the order form

    Delivery Date or Pickup Date:

    Chosen formula :

    Step 2

    Call to determine preferences and limitations for the bouquet.

    Step 3

    Determine pick up location and dates.